Legal Notice and Disclaimer

AFFAKI is a Professional Legal Practice incorporated as a Société d’Exercice Libéral d’Avocats par Actions Simplifiée (S.E.L.A.S.), organised under the rules of the Paris Bar, Toque Palais E0631, registered at the companies and commercial registry in Paris No. 805 254 562, SIRET No. 805 254 562 00012, Code APE 6910Z, Intra-EU VAT No.  FR 38 805254562. 

The AFFAKI website provides general information about the Firm. It is not intended to advertise our legal services, to solicit clients, or to provide legal advice. The purpose is to provide information, with the understanding that the information on our site does not constitute or contain legal advice. Our Insights, Events, Publications, and other information posted on our website should not be considered legal opinions or a substitute for legal advice.

As a service to visitors, AFFAKI houses archived publications and reports in some areas of the site, which may be of value for historical or academic research purposes. This information may not be accurate, complete or applicable to the visitors/users’ situation. Our website may not always be operational or free of functional defects. We disclaim any liability in connection with any actions taken or not taken based on any of our website’s content.

Neither our presentation of the information on the site nor visitors/users’ receipt of the information creates a lawyer-client relationship or imposes any obligation on AFFAKI.

Any electronic communication sent to AFFAKI may not be secure and thus may be disclosed. Accordingly, please do not send sensitive or confidential information electronically. In addition, the sending of electronic mail to any lawyer or other contact/address identified in the site does not create a lawyer-client relationship, and the contents of any such mail are not privileged, unless the sender is a current client of AFFAKI and the communication is sent pursuant to that relationship.

Visitors and users may download, print, and copy material on our website for their personal use as long as they do not alter any of the materials and that they ensure that each copy clearly acknowledges AFFAKI as the source.

Personal data

Visitors and users of our website can visit our website without telling AFFAKI who they are and without providing any personal data.

However, the email address and any other personal data voluntarily included by the users for identification purposes in the email they send to AFFAKI as well as the IP addresses (Internet Protocol) of their internet connection can be collected by AFFAKI although they will constitute the only personal data that will be collected via our website.

The users must use a valid email address for the Firm to be able to reply to the email sent. Any other personal data is optional and is provided by the users in their email to AFFAKI and its members on a voluntary basis. The above-mentioned data are kept throughout the time period required to achieve the purposes for which they are collected and processed.

The personal data collected and processed by AFFAKI via our website will not be sold or rented to any third parties, whether free of charge or against payment.

Any user, by proving his/her identity, may require AFFAKI to:

  1. Confirm that his/her personal data are or are not processed by AFFAKI or on his/her behalf;
  2. Provide information concerning the purposes of the data processing, the categories of the personal data processed and the recipients of such data within the Firm;
  3. Provide information concerning a potential transfer of his/her personal data to a non-Member State of the European Union;
  4. Communicate his/her personal data, in an accessible format, as well as any available information concerning the origin thereof. A copy of his/her personal data will be provided free of charge to the user, provided that the request is not manifestly unreasonable, due particularly to its repetitive or systematic nature.

Pursuant to articles 13 et 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and articles 32 and 33 of the Law No. 78-17 “Informatique et Libertés” of 6 January 1978, amended by Order No. 2018-1125 of 12 December 2018, AFFAKI informs its users/visitors that:

  1. AFFAKI is in charge of protecting personal collected data. AFFAKI is represented by Professor Georges Affaki;
  2. All users’ personal data are protected. In the course of his activities as a lawyer or arbitrator, Georges Affaki may collect personal data directly or indirectly, and process them for the purposes of his duties. In particular, in the context of his work as an arbitrator, Georges Affaki may collect personal data through documents voluntarily submitted by the parties, documents submitted pursuant to a procedural order issued by the arbitral tribunal, and exchanges with the parties and any other arbitrators. Georges Affaki is also likely to process personal data collected directly and indirectly in the context of a case in order to draft procedural orders, and/or correspondence to the parties, arbitrators, arbitral institutions, and/or arbitral awards. Such processing is inherent to the arbitration proceedings and any person involved in the proceedings (parties, lawyers, witnesses, arbitrators, staff of an arbitral institution, etc.) is informed of and consents to such processing;
  3. The purpose of collecting data is the protection of the private life, as part of users/visitors’ case treatment, whether it is a legal, judicial or arbitral case;
  4. The personal data are collected and stored by AFFAKI;
  5. Visitors and users’ data are treated and stored by AFFAKI for the shortest possible time. Your data will be stored only as long as necessary to process the case.
  6. Visitors and users’ data are protected via a secured computing system.

Any user, by proving his/her identity, may also require that his/her data be corrected, completed, updated, or deleted.


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