Compliance and Corporate Investigations

Dr Affaki is an expert in complex compliance and enforcement matters including internal investigations, voluntary disclosures and the management of conflicting proceedings involving national and foreign regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities. He has extensive experience in cross-border economic sanctions, know-your-customer diligence and data protection. He is a founding member of the ICC Compliance Group and has led the effort to draft the ICC Position Paper on Sanction Clauses in Trade Finance Instruments.
ICC Guidance Paper on the Use of Sanction Clauses in Trade Finance-Related Instruments Subject to ICC Rules

As in-house counsel, he has managed multiple large-budget, cross-border investigations in relation to allegations of internal fraud, bribery, money laundering and economic sanction compliance, involving the coordination of multiple local counsel in several jurisdictions, in-house business, legal, compliance and back-office departments as well as communication advisors, with a particular focus on conflicts of laws in relation with the taking of evidence abroad and complying with foreign judicial proceedings. Dr Affaki is particularly experienced in offering strategic advice to senior management in the matter of complex international investigations and enforcement actions.

In addition to his expertise in coordinating investigatory works, Dr Affaki advises global companies on compliance issues including the development and implementation of effective compliance programs.

Dr Affaki is a frequent speaker at seminars on compliance and regulatory issues.
Programme ICC Symposium on Economic Sanctions in the Global Economy, 25 June 2012, Paris