2014 Events

ICC Russia/RAA Conference: Russia as a Place for Dispute Resolution.
10 December 2014, Moscow.
Georges Affaki delivered two conferences: International Arbitration and Economic Sanctions: an Uneasy Relationship; and Trade Finance and Sanctions.

ICC Switzerland workshop on international arbitration and economic sanctions.
2 December 2014, Zurich.
Georges Affaki participated in this closed arbitrators workshop and delivered an overview of the challenges raised by economic sanctions in arbitral proceedings.

ISDA Arbitration Committee.
1 December 2014, London.
Georges Affaki delivered a global overview on recent developments in Arbitration in Financial Matters.

Casablanca Arbitration Days.
28 November 2014, Casablanca.
Georges Affaki delivered two conferences on Arbitration in Islamic Finance¸ and Arbitration in Banking and Financial Matters.

ICC Banking Commission general meeting.
6 November 2014, Istanbul.
Georges Affaki presented a report on the UN Convention on International Assignment of Receivables leading to the endorsement of the Treaty by IC, and led a discussion on the new Dispute Resolution by Expertise Rules (DOCDEX) leading to a unanimous vote in favour of the rules.

ICC Norway Conference: Bank Guarantees in International Trade.
21 October 2014, Oslo.
Georges Affaki was the main speaker at the conference presenting a series of conferences on international guarantee litigation, economic sanctions and ICC work in relation to bank guarantees.

UNCITRAL/UNIGE conference on the UNCITRAL draft model law on Secured Transactions.
19 September 2014, Geneva.
Georges Affaki delivered a conference on the economic approach to secured transactions and chaired a panel on comparative law in relation to secured transactions.

The Dutch Arbitration Days.
18 September 2014, Amsterdam.
Georges Affaki chaired a panel on Arbitration in Financial Services.